Server Hosting Can Benefit Many Businesses

Computers have revolutionized every aspect of life including commerce. Yet the machines themselves and the programs they run are labor-intensive and costly, which can adversely affect a company's bottom line. The innovation of server hosting has come to the rescue.

Most companies think of this option in terms of their websites. It's true that such services started out as major on-ramps to the Internet superhighway. Over the past decade leasing online service came in three versions: shared hosting, virtual private server or dedicated server, all of which function Internet gateways.

However, today more companies are finding that internal as well as external business functions can be filled via hosted networks. As a result, a fourth category has emerged, that of Software as a Service, or SaaS.

Shared arrangements for online websites and limited e-commerce work well initially for small and start-up companies, along with churches, community organizations and other non-profit groups. The cost for leasing such a service is low and the provider bears the overhead costs of hardware and software management and maintenance. However, it isn't long before a business outgrows a shared contract.

Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, offer a stronger option for some small and medium-sized companies. By leasing a specified portion of a computer, companies gain access to greater amounts of computer resources.

The next step up from VPS is a dedicated server, also called managed hosting. Here a business can lease an entire computer for itself. The company can opt to manage the computer itself via the Internet, or it can contract with a service provider to assume that responsibility. With a dedicated server contract, a business gains the right to specify what kind of computer and software it uses, along with what type of operating system the leased server employs.

The advantages to both VPS and dedicated server include less overhead, since the lessee doesn't own the equipment. Use of VPS and dedicated servers also gives companies a larger return on their investment since they aren't burdened with capital investment and depreciation. Business performance also improves, since computers leased in this way typically are housed in data centers outfitted with redundant climate control and power sources to assure continued operation.

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the latest development in online computing. Also called "on-demand software", SaaS relieves a company of nearly all the operational burdens of administering its own system. With this option, the business' data and software are hosted on a distant computer, often the same machine that the company leases for online commerce. Employees then use a computer or software known as a "thin client" to access business functions such as accounting, order fulfillment, supply management, customer service and other work.

These options in server hosting make it economical, efficient and effective for any business to stay current and competitive.

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Seo Techniques

If the benefits of search engine optimization were first exploited by large corporations, presently, more and more small businesses start implementing SEO techniques in order to survive on the market. Far from being within the reach of an uninitiated, the basic facts of search engine optimization require special professional consultancy. But which SEO techniques and sources can be trusted without any reservations? There is a serious degree of misinformation about optimization tactics and strategies required, with the Internet giving the most numerous false methods. Thus, consider online material as informative, and address professionals for SEO solutions.

The individual active use of SEO techniques is not impossible for the common user. In fact this represents the desirable course of events with all the necessity to adapt and change business plans periodically. Once, implemented, SEO techniques will bring gratifications in time, depending on the case it takes months before you can see real results. Then, an element that matters a lot for the success of the SEO techniques is the choice of the consultancy agency. Although you may not know too much about how things are done, it's good to find out what questions to ask and what details to insist on before hiring the company. Discuss tactics, SEO techniques and the risks involved.

For those who go for the DIY strategy, there is one thing we can say: good luck with the studies! It is an absolute must to built a solid SEO basis in theory before being able to put it into practice. The search engine optimization struggle will be better dealt with if if you search for tools and analytic software to make things easier. The perfect SEO techniques prove valuable only on impeccable web sites. Therefore, make your web page one of the best top ten on the specific topic.

For this kind of self-evaluation, try to remain as objective as possible and if your critical eye tells you that you can do better, improve the site further on. Consequently, it is more than necessary to insist on all the stages that precede the implementation of SEO techniques are extremely valuable. From key-phrase research at the beginning of the project to site mapping and SEO-friendly URLs creation, there are plenty of steps to take, and the process doesn't stop here.

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SEO Web Design

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that measures and improves the traffic volume onto a website. It is nowadays used as a marketing strategy specific to the Internet and it may use certain methods in order to have web sites and pages displayed somewhere at the top of the results page provided by a search engine in the hope that the higher in the rank one page is, the more visitors it will have. Related to this, SEO web design refers to the fact that certain tactics specific to optimization,  as a process may be incorporated into both the design and the development of the Internet site. The term search engine friendly is one that many SEO consultants have been using recently to refer to such designs of web sites that are easy to optimize because of the content, the menu and system that they rely on. As a result, SEO web design is friendlier if the initial design has been oriented to optimization in the first place.

SEO web design tactics can be quite numerous, some of them being a little old fashioned while others present more interest at this moment. Out of the numerous ones, a few that are pretty much in use would be editing the source code of a page, designing the layout and the navigation methods in such a manner that it becomes more user friendly, optimizing graphics in such a way that page load time would be reduced, and writing content scattered with key words and expressions that show interest for the readers or Internet surfers after formerly having performed keyword research. In addition to these well known SEO web design tactics and strategies, a few more to mention are using the research for keywords so that titles on one's web sites are appealing to searchers, submitting your site to a directory, building two way links with other sites and so on.

As a result SEO web design can be quite complex not to mention the fact that SEO in itself, after having designed and launched the site, is a full time job. If optimization is not carried out constantly, the effect you may have to face is that your site loses readership and rank position on the search engine results page rank. SEO web design and development is no easy job for anyone; in some cases it resembles a game of chess since one of the best tactics that can be used is anticipating the moves and the counter-moves of other SEO performers on the Internet as you need to top that performance in order to survive. If the game is too hard for you, your web site will suffer visitor traffic loss and you will experience decline.

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Orkut: Google’s Social Networking Website

Google in 1998

Image via Wikipedia

Are you interested in meeting new people online?  How about people that share the same interests as you? If so, one of the best ways to find those individuals to use online social networking websites.  Social networking websites are often compared to neighborhoods or communities, but ones that are online. If are interested in making use of these popular websites, if you haven’t been already, you will need to find a social networking website to become a member of.  One of the websites that you may be interested in joining is Orkut.

Orkut, sounds interesting doesn’t it?  With other popular websites such as Yahoo! 360, Friendwise, Classmates, and MySpace, there are many who wonder how Orkut became the name of this popular online community.  Orkut is named after the individual who created it.  That man was an employee of Goggle and he is known as Orkut Buyukkokten.

If the name of the website doesn’t automatically draw you in, there is a good chance that the website features will. Like many other social networking websites, Orkut has a number of different member benefits. These benefits are what makes it worthwhile to become a member of this popular social networking website. As popular as Orkut is and as much as you would like to join, there are special procedures that you must follow.  Unfortunately, Google does not allow just anyone to become a member, you must be invited.

Current community members are the only ones who can extend you an invite.  This means that you should not waste your time trying to convince Google to let you join.  Being invited to join Orkut really isn’t as difficult as it may sound.  Orkut is so popular that there is a good chance that you know someone, if not personally than online, who can extend you an invite.  By performing a standard internet search, you should also be able to find Orkut members who would be willing to extend you an invitation, without even knowing who you are.

Although many internet users refrain from joining Orkut, just because of the invitation requirements, there is a good reason for limited membership.  Orkut is a social networking website that is free to use.  Unfortunately, free means that many people would wish to use the website. Many online social networking sites, that are free to use, have literally become ridiculous.  A large number of internet users get joy out of creating fake accounts and causing online controversy.  Google decided to make Orkut a special membership online website to prevent instances like that from happening.

Orkut, like many other online social networking websites, has a number of different purposes.  Of course, the main purpose of Orkut is to allow you to connect with your friends, especially the ones that have extended an invitation to you, but you can do much more than that.  Once a member of Orkut, you can easily famialrize yourself with other website members who share the same interests as you do.  This will not only help you make new friends, but it may also result in the finding of your next romantic partner.  That is what is nice about Orkut, once you are a member, just about anything is possible.

If you are interested in learning more about Orkut, before trying to obtain an invite, you will want to visit their online website.  You can do this by going to

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Social Networking Websites: How to Find Them

An example of a social network diagram.

Image via Wikipedia

Each day, in the United States, millions of Americans communicate with each other online. In addition to communicating with other Americans, many are communicating with those on the other side of the world. This communication is due, largely in part, to online social networking websites.  If you are interested in joining the growing number of internet users who use social networking websites, you will have to find a network to join.

When it comes to finding social networking websites, you have a number of different options.  Perhaps, the easiest way to find a social networking website is by performing a standard internet search. You may want to search with the words social networking or social networking websites. Whichever search phrase you choose, there is a good chance that you will be presented with a long list of websites.

You can also find and familiarize yourself with social networking websites by talking to those that you know. The internet, as well as social networks, has rapidly increased in popularity. That popularity means that there is a good chance that one of your relatives, friends, coworkers, or neighbors has used a specific social networking website in the past.  In fact, many may have even used more than one.  If you know someone who has, you will want to ask them their recommendations.  You will find that most social networking websites come highly rated, but there are some out there that may not even be worth your time.

In addition to speaking to those that you actually know, you can also seek recommendations from those that you do not personally know.  You can do this online.  Online, you should be able to find a number of websites that discuss social networking sites.  Many of these websites have reviewed a collection of social networking sites.  In addition to reviews and other articles, you should also be able to speak with other internet users on online message boards.  Like speaking to one of your friends, many internet users would be more than willing to let you know what social networking websites are worth the time and which ones are not.

Although it is nice to receive recommendations from those that you know or other internet users, you are advised to make your own decision.  Whether or not a social networking website comes highly recommended, you are still encouraged to check it out first.  A large number of social networking websites are free to use; therefore, there are no risks associated with giving the site a try. Despite the fact that most online social networking sites are free to use, there are some that you must pay for.  A large number of these websites offer free trials.  Even if the trial period is only for a few days, you should easily be able to get a feel of the site’s environment and determine whether or not it is right for you.

In your search for a social networking website, whether you perform your own internet search or rely on recommendations from others, you should be able to find a number of popular websites. Those websites may include, but should not be limited to, Yahoo! 360, MySpace, Classmates, and Orkut. The good news about this is that if you are not satisfied with the social networking website you joined, you don’t have to worry; there are many more available for you to choose from.

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Bookkeeping Basics

A typical credit card terminal that is still p...

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Most people probably think of bookkeeping and accounting as the same thing, but bookkeeping is really one function of accounting, while accounting encompasses many functions involved in managing the financial affairs of a business. Accountants prepare reports based, in part, on the work of bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers perform all manner of record-keeping tasks. Some of them include the following:

-They prepare what are referred to as source documents for all the operations of a business - the buying, selling, transferring, paying and collecting. The documents include papers such as purchase orders, invoices, credit card slips, time cards, time sheets and expense reports. Bookkeepers also determine and enter in the source documents what are called the financial effects of the transactions and other business events. Those include paying the employees, making sales, borrowing money or buying products or raw materials for production.

-Bookkeepers also make entries of the financial effects into journals and accounts. These are two different things. A journal is the record of transactions in chronological order. An accounts is a separate record, or page for each asset and each liability. One transaction can affect several accounts.

-Bookkeepers prepare reports at the end of specific period of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. To do this, all the accounts need to be up to date. Inventory records must be updated and the reports checked and double-checked to ensure that they're as error-free as possible.

-The bookkeepers also compile complete listings of all accounts. This is called the adjusted trial balance. While a small business may have a hundred or so accounts, very large businesses can have more than 10,000 accounts.

-The final step is for the bookkeeper to close the books, which means bringing all the bookkeeping for a fiscal year to a close and summarized.

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